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I graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters degree in Engineering in 1998, having spent much of my time there working as a set builder and technical director in the university's theatre: the ADC. While studying, I'd worked for three engineering companies to gain experience: Milton Roy UK Ltd (chemical pumping systems), Ford Motor Company (automotive design and manufacture) and IDEO (a leading product design consultancy). I also completed a two-week placement with Joss Williams' Special Effects team, Darkside Effects, while they were busy on "The Avengers" at Pinewood Studios.
Having graduated, I returned from travelling to a job as Office Manager in the Operations department at Shepperton Studios Ltd. It didn’t take long to jump from there into a film's Production Office. I spent about six years in Production a shorter stint with the Assistant Directors ... and finally I moved into Allan Cameron’s Art Department on "Fred Claus" where I felt much more energised and creatively involved.

The following ten years were spent working as an Art Department Co-ordinator (and, briefly, a Visual Effects Co-ordinator and Prop Maker) on films such as Robin Hood, Gravity, Beauty and the Beast, Fast & Furious 6 and Cinderella, producing the occasional detail drawing whenever there was time alongside my day-job.

I fully committed to draughting at the tail-end of 2016, when offered a Draughtsman position on Solo: A Star Wars Story. This experience launched me into the world of draughting and art direction, and I went on to tackle sci-fi, period, fantasy and contemporary projects, spending time both on and off the floor. I art directed a balance of props/vehicles, location sets and big studio builds, and while I relished the opportunity to don steel toe-caps to work alongside Construction or Greens during a build, I was equally happy puzzling out organic details on a drawing board or complex structural builds on a screen.

I was promoted to Assistant Art Director in January 2018, Art Director in June 2021 and Supervising Art Director in June 2024. I love collaborating with other departments and leading the "making it happen" side of the Art Department. Most of all, I'm delighted to find myself in a role which exploits my well-balanced triumvirate of technical, organisational and creative skills.

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