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The following ten years were spent working as an Art Department Co-ordinator (and, briefly, a Visual Effects Co-ordinator and Prop Maker) on films such as Robin Hood, Gravity, Beauty and the Beast, Fast & Furious 6 and Cinderella, producing the occasional detail drawing whenever there was time alongside my day-job. I fully committed to draughting at the tail-end of 2016, though, when offered a Draughtsman position on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Since then, I've tackled sci-fi, period, fantasy and contemporary projects and I've spent time both on and off the floor. I've art directed a balance of props/vehicles and location sets as well as big studio builds, and while I relish the opportunity to don steel toe-caps to work alongside Construction during a build, I’m equally happy puzzling out details on a drawing board or complex structural builds on a screen.
I was promoted to Assistant Art Director in January 2018 and then Art Director in June 2021. I love collaborating with other departments and being more involved with the "making it happen" side of the Art Department. Eventually, I'm aiming to balance my creative skills with my technical background and organisational experience in the role of Supervising Art Director.

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